STAWA 2021 Science Talent Search

The STAWA Science Talent Search is a state wide Science competition for K-12 students that recognises the excellent work of students in the three entry categories in Science:




This year we had 11 entries in the competition and out of these 11 entries we had 10 winners which is an outstanding achievement. In addition our competitors were awarded another 3 awards.

Lachlan Bourne was presented with a certificate of participation and is to be congratulated on his interesting research about Banana Flour pancakes – an amazing gluten-free, pre-biotic and sustainable food source!

Our 9 finalists who received a cash prize of $50 attended the awards ceremony along with their parents at Scitech. Our winners were

Eleanor Boothman

Nicholas and Mikaela Johansen

Tara Mackie

Daniel Bourne

Ryan Dennehy

Arya Agarwal

Megan Ekaputra

Elina Zhang

In addition to all our finalists winning these awards – Arya submitted 2 entries and won both categories winning herself a total of $100. Megan also won the Communication award and an additional $250. Ryan was awarded Runner-up Student of the Year and also received an additional $250

And overall, Woodlands Primary School was awarded School of the Year and $250 which was an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to all our competitors and our winners for being recognised for their excellence in Science.

I would like to thank our parents for their support and encouragement of our students passion in Science.