Our school canteen is open for recess and lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Menus are prepared at the start of each term and circulated to families as well as being made available online, at the canteen and in the school office. Any alterations to the normal canteen procedures or menu are notified in the School Newsletter.

The canteen is operated by the P&C and has a dedicated Committee who oversee all aspects of its organisation and management. The canteen is staffed by our paid manager/cook, Yvette Sharp, and requires volunteers during each shift to function.


Online Ordering

Recess and lunch can be ordered online via www.ouronlinecanteen.com.au

Orders can be made up to six weeks in advance to take the stress out of busy mornings. If you have any queries on how to use the system, please feel free to ask Yvette at the Canteen or email the Canteen Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ordering at school

All orders should be clearly written on a brown paper or Canteen Lunch Bag and placed into the Canteen Orders bucket outside the canteen before 8.50am. 

Canteen Lunch Bags are available from the canteen and sold in packs of 10 for 50c.

Please ensure all bags clearly list your child’s:

  • Full Name
  • Classroom Number
  • Lunch Order

Correct money should be enclosed and the bag folded to ensure the money doesn’t fall out.

A separate bag is required for each child.


Canteen 4 Kindy

Kindergarten students are able to order lunch, which is delivered to their classroom, but they cannot access the canteen at recess and lunch for additional purchases. 



Our canteen cannot operate without volunteers. At Woodlands Primary School, we have an open sign-up system for volunteers combined with an assigned roster of each year group to fill any gaps in the schedule on their assigned weeks. The canteen volunteer roster is online at http://signup.com/go/7bUGqH. So, grab a friend and do a shift together or come and meet some new friends. Recess is provided for anyone completing a half shift and lunch will be provided for anyone completing a full shift. Please feel free to sign-up at any point and as often as you like!

Volunteers in the canteen assist with writing and tallying up of orders, preparing toasted and fresh sandwiches, serving teachers and children, packing lunches and tidying up. All new volunteers will be given on the job training.

The canteen cannot operate without volunteers.  At Woodlands Primary School, each year group is responsible for ensuring the canteen has enough volunteers on their assigned week. Year groups are generally assigned as follows but reminders will be communicated in the weekly school newsletter.

Week 1: Year 1

Week 2: Year 2

Week 3: Year 3

Week 4: Year 4

Week 5: Year 5/6

Week 6: K/PP

Week 7: Year 1

Week 8: Year 2

Week 9: Year 3

Week 10: Year 4

Week 11: Year 5/6

If you are not able to volunteer on your week or really enjoy volunteering in the canteen, then sign-up at any point and as often as you like. We just ask each year group to fill any gaps in the roster on their assigned week.

Whenever you are available to help ou please sign-up online at http://signup.com/go/7bUGqH or email Yvette, our Canteen Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Canteen Information

Our school canteen has implemented and maintains the Policy and Standards for Food and Drink in Public Schools.

The canteen is a commercial kitchen and registered as a food business. Thus, it meets all the legal requirements of safe food handling and OH&S. Compliance is monitored through regular visits by the City of Stirling Health Inspectors.

Foods on offer are subject to strict guidelines issued by the Dept of Health and Education and monitored by Nutritionists. In addition, our policy at Woodlands is to reduce (as much as possible) the use of additives in food and provide as much natural (as opposed to processed) food as possible. More importantly, we make most of our foods in-house using fresh ingredients. Salads are made from seasonal vegetables grown in the school garden. We can cater for gluten free and other intolerances if we are notified.


View our canteen menu here

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