Kaya wanjoo ngany boodja (Welcome to my home). Come down to Jackadder this week and discover some aboriginal knowledge around our local flora and fauna, courtesy of our wonderful students! 

For National Science Week we were awarded one of a $500 science grant to showcase Aboriginal Scientific knowledge of the flora and fauna at Jackadder Lake which links to our school priority of Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework. For Science Week our students have created an educative and interactive educative experience of the flora and fauna of our local area for our community and visitors. The students have created QR coded signs that will take users to student made interactive digital media. Our students are educating visitors to the area of the significant contribution of Aboriginal knowledge to our Scientific understanding of our local flora and fauna in their digital media. Students have been connecting and working with our a local Noongar and researching to identify local flora and fauna including cultural significance, medicine, fibre resources, land management, engineering of tools, sustainability and seasonal indicators. During Science Week this week classes are visiting the lake with their classroom teachers and will use the QR codes to immerse themselves in this  learning experience. Please come and join us at Jackadder Lake during Science Week 14-22 August 2021.

Jackadder science signs

Pictured above: Our students wonderful QR coded signs down at Jackadder all this week for science week.




Our Values

Our Values


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