On P&C Day, we at Woodlands Primary School would like to recognise the positive contribution our P&C members make to the education of children at our school.

As a way of showing our appreciation, our school councilors (Molly, Harvey, Leslie, Tom, Maddie, Ava) have made a special video to acknowledge the amazing P&C activities and achievements over the last several years. We also thank our school families for supporting the P&C fundraising efforts. Your support greatly benefits the children and teachers at Woodlands.

To view the P&C video please click on the following link.  



Now you've seen some of the amazing projects our P&C does around the school to improve the education of our students, please consider supporting our P&C! There are so many ways to support them! 

Visit Volunteering - Woodlands Primary School (woodlandsps.wa.edu.au)  for some ideas

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


Thank you to the P&C for organising an Entertainment Book fundraising drive. The cost of a single-city membership is $69.95. The P&C will receive 20% of the funds raised through the sale of Entertainment Books. To purchase a 13 month Entertainment Book membership go to www.entbook.com.au/878h05. This link will take you to more information where you can purchase an Entertainment Book Membership. The book is now digital and accessed by an easy-to-use app and is able to be used on multiple phones. As you can see from the video above, this money will go to a great cause. 



Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.