Humanity is one of our core school values. 

But what exactly is Humanity? 

“Humanity is the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. ... The word humanity is from the Latin humanitas for "human nature, kindness. Humanity includes all the humans, but it can also refer to the kind feelings humans often have for each other.

Other words for humanity are compassion, self-regard, spontaneity and determination

Humanity is a higher order concept. (It is paradoxical in that it can refer to both complex and simple ideas at the same time). How does it look when we teach the concept of humanity to primary school aged students?

Our PBS team have been working hard to look at how our school value of humanity might be taught and reinforced to our students during Term 3. Our ‘buddy classes’, where a senior class is teamed up with a junior class for the year, is used to deliver our lessons on our school values. 

Buddy classes are an ideal learning environment for teaching our values, as older students are able to assist in teaching and modelling values to their younger buddies in activities that are reinforced in a ‘one on one’ learning environment.

Two age appropriate lessons have been formulated for our buddy classes in Term 3

Lesson One focusses on what Humanity looks and sounds like at Woodlands PS. In our case at Woodlands PS, it looks and sounds like

-saying please, thank-you and excuse me

-looking for solutions

-helping others if they are struggling

Lesson Two pays special attention to our Faction Athletics carnival in Term 3. Examining how to celebrate success and the differences of others, and showing good sportsmanship, are key focusses in this lesson. The carnival gives a perfect opportunity for students to publicly demonstrate actions that reinforce humanity in its different forms – determination, compassion, empathy, spontaneity and self-regard.

As well as working closely with their buddy class teacher to implement these classes, teachers have the full support of our Positive Behaviour Support Team to help effectively integrate these lessons in their classrooms.

It is this higher order thinking, the ability to love, to show compassion, support and empathise and to be creative and determined, that distinguishes us as human beings. It will ultimately determine the quality of our future existence. Teaching our younger generation about humanity is an investment in the future of humankind that is well worth our teaching efforts. 

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