Thanks to the hard work of our wonderful P&C committee and our student leadership, our once dull toilets are getting a makeover. however, we are not talking any old makeover! 

Hundreds of toilets around Australia are getting involved in a project designed to transform dark and dingy toilets into places that offer students inspiration and hope. Research has shown toilets are often the first place students go when they were feeling sad or anxious.

You can read more about the National School Toilet Project here

Stage One at Woodlands saw some wonderful painting, new windows and fixtures being installed as part of this joint P&C and school funded project. This has already made our toilets look and feel so much brighter! 

Stage Two has seen the involvement of our students. After some careful consideration of many inspiring quotes, our students have voted for the quotes that most resonate with them and the designs, after being reviewed by the student council, have been finalised.

We are excited that the next stage, which involves covering our toilet doors back and front in colourful, inspiring quotes, is ready to be implemented.

Some of the designs for our doors are shown below! The large sayings will be on the front of the toilet door and the smaller quotes will be on the back of the door.



Main Girls Doors Graphic


           Main Boys Doors Graphic


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