Dear Parents,

I wish to thank you all for your understanding, cooperation and support with implementing the precautionary measures put in place last week.

Our Focus
To provide our students and staff with a safe and calm learning environment while maintaining the continuity of the learning program.

Guiding Principle
It is important that as a school community we apply a common sense, factual and practical approach to COVID-19.

It’s a New Week therefore staff will remind students

  • about good hygiene practices, eg hand washing, coughing into elbow, no sharing of drink containers or food
  • to use toilets and supplies appropriately.
  • to spread out during eating breaks.

New Student Measures as of Monday

We want all students to bring a water bottle (if they have not already been doing so) and that students do not drink from the water fountains.  Students can fill the water bottle from the water fountains. 

Students’ hands will be sprayed when entering and leaving the classroom for all breaks and Phys Ed lessons. 

Introduce student to using their non-preferred hand to open and close doors
Insist students keep hands strictly to themselves while at school.  No playing games that involving touching another student.

Choir practices postponed for the remainder of Term 1.

String ensemble postponed for the remainder of Term 1, however normal small group Instrumental Music lessons to continue.
We would ask you to support and reinforce these messages at home.
Student attendance and student work requests

Below is an extract taken directly from the Departments Friday 20 March 2020 update covering
Student attendance
Student work requests
Recording student absences

We remind schools that the use of a Reasonable absence (code R) is used in the case of:

students who are self-isolating due to Department of Health advice;

families keeping children home due to increased risk relating to children and family members who are in a higher risk category (e.g. diabetes, compromised immune systems); and

students with a reason deemed as acceptable other than an absence due to suspension, cultural absence, illness or family holiday.

If the absence does not meet the criteria above, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.
Providing Student Work

Students whose parents have chosen to keep them home, without seeking medical advice, may not be provided curriculum work and activities. The priority for staff is to maintain focus on classroom learning programs.

We understand this is an unprecedented set of circumstances. The safety and well being of everyone in our school community is at the forefront of our minds. Please take best of care at this time.

The next Department update will be circulated to schools around midday Monday 23 March.

Any relevant information from this will be shared with staff and parents.

Gavin Power

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Our Values

Our Values


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