It is with much joy that we announce our early childhood mural officially complete! For those of you who haven’t seen the end result, seeing the results for yourself is the only way, as the scale and colour is wonderful and it has truly transformed the area – as you can see by the before and after photos!






Before photo muralafter photo mural

Artist Mel Mc Vee spent the best part of last week completing the mural, along with her assistant Tash and our very capable Year 4’s and 5’s, who all had a turn to contribute to the painting on Tuesday. Mrs Zissiadis had her art classes out, garnering inspiration from the process and sketching their own ‘Mel McVee’ designs.

 getting paint  Mural Jamie Toby Reidar paintingOlivia serena painting vertical shotmural photos standing paintingmural painitng in a line vertical


Our mural includes some of our local flora and fauna, including the tawny frogmouth owl, the pink and grey galah, and the blue banded bee, which is a bee native to Australia. Our faction emblems are also artistically represented in the mural. Can you see our faction colours and emblems?


 Artwork final design


 Mel proved extremely popular with all the students when she held drawing workshops for them in Term 3 (please follow this link to article about this -  )

Each class submitted 3 of their best pieces of art as voted by the students and teacher and these were used by Mel to garner inspiration for the design of the mural. Well done to all those students who were selected to have their art forwarded to Mel to look over, Mel said she was extremely impressed with the standard of work produced. 

Sincere thanks and acknowledgement must go to our wonderful P&C, who assisted with the process and funded the mural. The contributions of the P&C, students, teachers, artists and the school administration ensured this really was a community project, with a visual reminder that will beautify our school and will be carried forward in the memories of our school community for many years to come.



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