The Good Standing Policy, as part of our PBS whole-school approach, aims to provide regular acknowledgement / recognition to the vast majority of students who consistently behave and act according to our values. 

The Good Standing Policy emphasises the importance of students taking responsibility for the choices they make on a daily basis, which impact academically and socially on themselves and others.

All students were granted their Good Standing status in Week 6 Term 3, 2019 and it is the responsibility of each student to maintain their Good Standing through to the end of the year. Students with Good Standing will have the opportunity and privilege to participate in various events throughout the school year. Students who maintain their good standing for a semester will receive a special Good Standing token which will go in the Good Standing Token draw for a class reward at the end of Term 2 & Term 4. Students who maintain Good Standing for the whole year will receive a Good Standing Certificate. 

You can view The Good Standing Policy here.

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Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.