Artist Mel McVee, who has been chosen to produce the mural in the Early Childhood Area, proved extremely popular when she delivered drawing workshops to Years 1-6 students on Tuesday 3 September.

Mel, who specializes in large public murals where whole communities get involved, has produced vibrant and colourful works of art in Subiaco (the cat café), Perth city (the Sheraton opposite the Arena), Belmont (the Forum) and Inglewood (Mondos butcher) amongst others. Mel loves the unique and rare flora and fauna that Western Australia offers and enjoys developing an appreciation of this through her community works.

Mel style 1

Mel talked about her career as an artist and what it involves, including braving the weather, using projectors to project outlines onto the walls and braving heights – a fear she has had to overcome to do the work she loves. She took the students through the process of how she develops a large public mural, and then worked with the children to produce an artwork in her particular style. In this case the subject was a plume duck from Broome, and students had the opportunity to follow Mel’s methods step by step.  There were some wonderful ducks sketched and students were extremely engaged in the drawing process.

Duck drawing Hayden

Mel will be returning in Term 4 to work with selected classes to paint a mural on the wall in the early Childhood area. In the meantime, students will be producing their own works of art in Mel’s style, their subject being the local flora and fauna in the school and surrounds. A select number of artworks will be chosen from each class by the teacher and students to submit to Mel at the end of Term 3 to help inspire her for the mural, these artworks will be on display next term when Mel comes into the school to produce the mural.

The school would like to thank the P&C for supporting this wonderful project, which will transform our early childhood entrance into a colourful and welcoming area.

If you would like to see some of the ducks drawn by our students, visit the office where a sample are on display! 

We look forward to seeing the student’s artworks in the weeks to come.


Mel drawing workshop pic

 Taine photo





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