A wonderful Professor Maths Road Show incursion ensured students were kept on their toes today in the undercover area.

Providing a large range of ‘Hands On’ maths puzzles, games and activities, which students rotated through in small groups, working together to solve problems.  The very capable Professor Maths and class teachers guided students through games,  puzzles and challenges with names such as ‘Lemonade’, ‘Tricky Fit’, ‘Carpark’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Treats’. These activities, designed to improve students’ attitudes towards Mathematics, provided an excellent opportunity for students to apply their problem solving skills while working as part of a team. The race was on to solve the puzzles – when 2 activities were solved students earnt a pair of Einstein glasses to wear, when 4 puzzles were solved, students earnt a ‘junior genius vest’ and when 6 puzzles were solved students were rewarded with an ‘Einstein’ wig to wear! 

All students from Kindy to Year 6 are to benefit from the Incursion, which is being held today and tomorrow. Thank you to Year 4 teacher Mrs Renee Law for coordinating this worthwhile activity. 


Below: Year 5 & 6 students with their hands on maths activities... complete with Einstein glasses, wigs and genius vests!

Professor Maths 4 students pic      Professor Maths 4 einsteins pic


Prof Maths 4 students and professor pic    Prof Maths Aaron and Cooper pic



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