Sign language, old fashioned marble games, cards and blind folded obstacle courses. These were just some of the activities the Woodlands School community came together to participate in last Friday, as they celebrated their schools’ four key values of Humanity, Belonging, Possibilities and Respect at the School's PBS Expo.

This was the perfect opportunity for parents, grandparents and carers to see firsthand how the school helps to foster positive learning environments through their Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Program, which guides the behaviour of everyone at the school. Mrs Danielle Rees, a teacher at the school and the Chair of the School’s PBS Committee explained “our activities required people of all ages to come together and apply a high level of cooperation and teamwork. For example, teaching practical games such as old fashioned card and marble games gave elderly members a chance to share their past and required students to fully engage, fostering a sense of belonging and respect.”

The event was held on school grounds and required students, who were paired up with their younger or older ‘buddies’, and their parents to move through various activity stations each representing a different school value. 

Many thanks to the entire PBS team for organising such a wonderful community event. 

 More information about Woodlands Primary Schools PBS Program can be found on the Woodlands School website

 sign language

Above: Mother Gigi learns sign language with (L-R) Leon, Phoenix and Cassius


 Above: Madeline and Tahlia playing quoits


card games

Above: Learning how to play the card game 'Fish'

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Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.