“We would like to thank you and all the Woodlands teachers and staff for all your wonderful support and hard work...

Our daughter has blossomed at Woodlands Primary. She doesn’t usually like to talk about her achievements but we would like to let you know that she will be attending Methodist Ladies College next year on a music scholarship and the Principal’s scholarship. In 2018, she was a member of WAYO’s Philharmonics Orchestra (violin) and the winner of the North of Perth Music Festival String under 12 solo. Once again, thank you very much. My son also attended  Woodlands and we all had wonderful positive experiences from Woodland Primary”.  Parent name witheld by request.

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful school you have and to thank you for allowing us to join your community. We were made to feel very welcome at a very difficult time in our lives. The school community is one of the best I have come across. The parents are lovely and we couldn't have had any better staff. Both very nurturing, caring and compassionate, not only to our son but to all of us. Both very special people who have played a large part in my life all be it for a short time. I feel very privileged to have met them” Parent name witheld by request.

Sometimes teaching can be a challenging task. Taking on the shared responsibility of the academic and emotional development of so many unique, budding, young individuals. Like any meaningful work, some moments can feel like a struggle, whilst at other times, witnessing a student learn something new, achieve an award or master a skill they have struggled with can be extremely rewarding.

As well as witnessing the progress of a child, receiving encouraging feedback from a child’s parents/carers is another thing that can really make a positive difference to a teacher. This can be as simple as a few spoken words at pick up time, or a quick, direct email to the teacher or administration at the end of the day. No one knows a child better than their parent/carer, and it is the parent/carer who really understands what a difference their child’s teacher is making.

As a school we would like to acknowledge all of those parents and carers who take the time and effort out of their busy days to recognise the efforts of the staff at Woodlands. Woodlands staff welcome all constructive feedback, as it is a valuable tool for monitoring progress and identifying areas for improvement.

The examples of recent positive feedback at the beginning of this article reflect how it really is the school working together as a team – the parents, carers, teachers, administration and of course the students, that makes a huge difference to the wellbeing and progress of a child. Feedback such as this is a real credit to the school community as a whole, and it is definitely worth sharing… and celebrating!

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