"Thursday December 14 was the end an era for the MacLeod/Law family. We moved to Perth in 2008, when Calum was in Year 1, and have been involved with our wonderful school ever since...

I was lucky enough to be involved with the fantastic Woodies community through the many volunteering opportunities available to us all. I have been involved in the P&C throughout (2 years as secretary and 2 years as President) and I have been involved in the School Board for the past 3 years. As well as these great roles I have had the privilege of working alongside at least 10 teachers (as parent help in the classroom), 4 canteen managers, 2 uniform shop managers and a wealth of other fun and committed people who only want the best for our children. Along the way the boys and I have made lifelong friends.

I know we are all busy and we all have many things on our plate, but volunteering as part of the Woodies community benefits yourself, your school but most importantly your kids. What’s more important than that?” 

Regards Sandra Law

Yes, it is that time of the year again when as a school community a range of volunteer positions become available. As Sandra's email illustrates, volunteering not only provides valuable support to the school,  it develops a true sense of belonging for families and students. 

Research shows that 

  • Kids become better learners when their parents get involved in their education.
  • Parental involvement encourages kids to pursue higher education.
  • Parental involvement makes kids happier.

Source: NSW Department of Education - click here for the article

Woodlands PS has a tradition of strong parent support and involvement. The School Board, P&C and its committees, Grounds Committee, canteen volunteers and in-class help are just some of the ways parents can get involved in supporting the school. 

The staff of Woodlands Primary School looks forward to working with parents and carers. If you run out of ideas on how to help, or would like some ideas on how best to help with the time you have available, please seek suggestions from your childs teacher. Your efforts as a parent of the school really do make a positive difference. 

For more information on volunteering for your children's school click here  

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