The School Board would like to thank all parents, students and staff for taking time out of your busy days to complete the Woodlands survey. Your feedback is extremely valuable in both reviewing our progess and in the development of our all important 2019 Operational Plans. 

128 parents took the time to complete the survey. The return rate was higher than 2014 (89) and 2016 (111). There was an increased return rate not only from the parents but the staff and students as well.

The School Board was pleased to note that in section 2 of the parent survey nineteen of the twenty statements were ranked higher in 2018 than in 2016, with the remaining statement ranked the same. In fact, when the average for the rating questions at the beginning of the survey were worked out, there was an increase in satisfaction across all three groups, students, parents and staff (see the table below).

Parent survey

Student survey

Staff survey

Average rating score 2016




Average rating score 2018




The difference





In the 2018 parent survey 87% of parents agreed they are well informed about school activities and events, compared with 75% of parents in 2016.  This was an area the School Board and staff had both tried to address after the 2016 survey with the revamping of the school website and greater focus by staff to communicate regularly with parents via email or connect.


The School Board and staff have been presented with all the survey information. The staff will use the information from all three surveys to inform the development of the 2019 Operational Plans. The staff will focus mainly on the lower scoring areas and develop strategies to improve the situation. The School Board will have a close look at all the information from the survey as part of its role of ensuring that school planning is addressing community needs. School committees, such as the Grounds Committee, will be presented with the collated information that relates to their specific role to assist them plan for 2019 and beyond.  The focus of all planning will be on how do we keep improving our procedures, processes and learning programs to benefit all students, families and staff. 

To view the ratings graphs generated from the survey please click here.

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