The second Year 1 parent information sessions held on September 11 focussed on using the iPad as a tool to assist student learning.  Teachers showed and explained examples of learning activities the students are doing and will be able to do in the future.

The Technology committee wishes to thank all those parents that attended session 1 and 2 so far. The feedback from the groups has been positive with many interesting questions being able to be answered.  It appears there are still some misunderstandings about how the BYO iPad program operates and the type of learning students undertake as part of the program, therefore please find following some helpful questions and answers. 

If you do have any further questions you want answered or wish to discuss the BYO iPad program please contact Marisa Phoebe on 9416 9800.

 BYO iPad - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need to buy a new iPad?

No, you do not need to purchase a new iPad. If you have an iPad at home and it is capable of running iOS 11 then you can send this in with your child.

2. Can we send a shared family iPad?

Yes, you can send in a shared family iPad. Our technician will install Zulu Desk (Mobile Device Management System used by the school) and load the Woodlands PS Profile. During the day (8hrs) your child will only be able to access the Woodlands PS profile. Once the iPad returns to your home environment, your home profile reappears.

3. What are the minimum requirements for the iPad to be suitable?

The minimum specifications for an iPad to be suitable are:

·         32G- with a minimum 15G available for school storage

·         Wi-Fi only Preferred

·         Ability to run iOS 11

 4. Can we send an iPad mini?

 Whilst the preference would be an 9.7” iPad as this will enable your child to use his/her device during NAPLAN testing in Yr 3, an iPad mini would be acceptable if you already have one at home that can be used.

 5. How do you stop students from using home apps or accessing inappropriate sites during the school day?

The school uses ZULU Desk as its Mobile Device Management System, which enables only school apps to be used on the Woodlands PS profile. This management system allows teachers to whitelist the apps they require and blacklist the apps they don’t require. Teachers are able to restrict internet access to the sites they have assessed and listed as suitable for the day’s learning. Apple classroom provides an added level of security, enabling teachers to view each child’s iPad screen and the app they are using, in real time.

6. Will the school provide a cover?

This year the school provided a sturdy, shock proof cover to all families who supplied an iPad.  The school also provided headphone adaptors to address an issue that arose during the term. This will remain an option in 2019.

7. Are there any more costs involved?

 No, the school covers the costs associated with Zulu Desk and the purchase of school apps.  You will need to provide your child with over- the -ear headphones. This is a general requirement for all students attending Woodlands PS.

8. Can I leave the iPad at school during the week?

Yes, families wishing to leave the iPad at school during the week are welcome to do so.  They will be stored in the locked cupboard, containing charging facilities, inside a locked and alarmed classroom.

9. Is the iPad covered by the schools insurance?

No, whilst the school makes every effort to avoid breakages, damage, or losses, the school’s insurance does not cover personally owned devices. Therefore, we strongly recommend you ensure the iPad is covered under your home and contents insurance.

10. Can students access the iPad during recess and lunch?

No, students are unable to access their iPads during recess and lunch.  iPads remain in baskets on the desk, in their locked classroom during these time.

11. My child goes to afterschool care- what happens to the iPad?

 Arrangements can be made with After School Care staff allowing your child to store their bag (with the iPad) inside the centre rather than outside with other student’s bags.  The iPad cannot be used during After School Care.  Alternatively, on the days your child attends After School Care, you can arrange for them to leave their iPad in the classroom, ready to be used the next day.

 12. Are iPads stored safely when not in use?

Yes,  iPads are stored safely at all times when not in use.  On arrival at school iPads are transferred from your child’s bag into the basket in the centre of their group.  Here they will remain until they are needed.  At Recess and Lunch they are  in the locked classroom. If they are not going to be used for an extended period of time (2hr+, excursion, incursion, carnival etc.), the classroom teacher will place the iPad basket in the locked cupboard and lock the classroom until they return.

13. How much would a new iPad cost and can the school buy bulk so we can buy them at a reduced cost?

Prices vary between suppliers and depending on capacity.  Apple prices in 2018 for a 9.7” start at $439. The school is unable to purchase bulk orders on behalf of parents and on sell them.  You are as individuals able to get together and discuss a bulk purchase discount with iPad suppliers. Apple does provide an Education price if you mention the iPad is to be used in a BYO iPad program.

14.  When is the next Parent Information Session?

The next parent session focuses on home management as well as providing a opportunity to have any questions/ information clarified.   To be held Week 3, Monday 22 October 

5.30 -6.30 pm.

15.  If I am in favour what do I need to do?

a)    Attend the Parent Information sessions. 

b)    The school will email out early next term to find out what type of iPad device your child will be bringing in 2019.


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