The School Board and staff of Woodlands Primary School invite you to complete the online Parent Survey.  This survey provides a great opportunity for all families to ensure the interests of the community are reflected in the school’s planning for the future.

The parent survey, along with a staff survey and a student survey, is conducted every two years.  The twenty statements for rating in question 2 are mandated by the WA Department of Education, while the other questions have been included by the School Board in consultation with the staff.  The vast majority of the questions are the same questions as asked in 2016. Therefore the data from this survey can be compared to the data from the 2016 Parent Survey to identify improvement trends and areas for further review.

To complete the survey, please follow this link (or copy and paste it into your browser).

The survey closes on Monday 24 September. 

Any family requiring two links to this survey please email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.

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Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.