As part of our Positive Behaviour Support Behaviour Program, every 4-6 weeks Woodlands PS have a whole school values focus, where we emphasize a particular school value in our teachings and everyday activities.

Currently our whole school values focus is Possibilities. Students are taught to explore Possibilities in learning areas by

·         Sharing their talents

·         Having a go

·         Learning from mistakes

·         Striving at all times to improve

·         Ignoring distractions

·         Actively listening

As well as encouraging a child to apply themselves to the best of their ability, emphasising this value naturally has a flow on effect to other students and areas of learning. For example, by ignoring distractions, students move quickly between lessons. When students share their talents, it encourages students to help others with their learning and to show and teach others new games.

This is a good opportunity for parents to reinforce these particular behaviours at home.

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Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.