We are having a Parent Information Session!

Our dedicated Woodlands Primary School PBS team will be running a parent information session on the 24th July from 5.15pm to 6pm in the school library to give parents more details about our PBS Program and how it works at Woodlands PS to maximise the social and academic achievement of students.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a whole school framework that helps schools to create positive learning environments. Our school values, defined by the community, guide the behaviour of everyone in our school; staff, students, parents and community members. This is achieved by developing proactive systems to define, teach and support appropriate student behaviour. At Woodlands we strive to show Humanity, Belonging, Possibilities and Respect.

This session will include how PBS works to support the individual child, how it helps to develop their emotional intelligence and how it helps to maximise their social and academic achievement.

If you would like to attend please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include any questions you might have for the session in your email. The session will be held in the school library.

For the PBS Program Parent Handbook please click here

For more details about the PBS Program and the PBS team at Woodlands PS please click here 

PBS Team Members

 PBS team 2018

Front row: Miss Dee Kitson (Internal Coach) Mrs Danielle Rees (Chairperson) Miss Kristy Woolard 

Back row: Miss Tegan Seddon, Ms Dianna Pacaric, Miss Kristy Woolard, Mrs Julie Ricciardone, Absent Mr Gavin Power

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Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.