Our Music Specialist, Danielle Rees would like the school community to consider whether we want a Junior Choir Uniform. 

Since beginning in 2016 with 17 students, the Woodlands Primary School Junior Choir has grown to over 75 students. Now, our development continues with opportunities to perform at large scale venues and music festivals alongside other Western Australian public and private schools. These events provide strict uniform requirements for all schools. 

Unlike the Senior Choir, the Junior Choir does not have an official choral uniform. Last year the students wore their normal school uniform.  A choral uniform allows our choir to present in a professional manner and represent Woodlands Primary School at a high standard. Providing our Junior Choir with a choral uniform for performance gives students a sense of belonging and identity. It represents a level of personal discipline and pride, being dedicated to the choir and representing Woodlands Primary School in the wider community.

The proposed Junior Choir uniform is a customised white and green polo shirt which aligns with the colours of the Senior Choir uniform. Customisation will include the school logo, music symbols and ' Choir' text.  Polo shirts will be purchased by students for $29 and worn for performances. 

Note. The Senior Choir uniform will remain unchanged.

Please email back a copy of the feedback below by Friday 13 April to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Parent Feedback (due Friday 13 April)

Yes, I support the Junior Choir havinga polo shirt as a choral uniform.

No, I do not support the Junior Choir having a choral uniform 

General Comment.                                                                                                             

Alternatively please go to the 'contact us' section of our school website to provide your feedback. Provide your feedback through the website here

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