The inaugural Woodlands Primary School Colour Run will be held on our school oval, 2.00 - 3.00pm, Friday 13 April (definitely not a black Friday!) 

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Get ready to be to be painted all the colours of the rainbow – just one week to go!!

This fun event will see students starting the run with a ‘Jump Jam’ track and making their way through a course full of fun, colour and music. They will finish with a final ‘Jump Jam’ track, where the fun will continue with music, dancing and even more colour throws.

This year, we are fundraising for:

• A major playground upgrade to the Kindy / PP area

• Nature Play area to be constructed near the main playground

• New sporting equipment for all classrooms

• New library books for all age groups

• An in-residence specialist Artist program which will result in a student-completed mural near the Kindy

What is a colour run?

The colour run is an event where students run or walk for an hour around the oval through a number of stations. Whilst running they are sprayed from head to toe in different coloured non toxic, gluten free powders. Wear white at the start line…      and finish doused in all the colours of the rainbow! After Colour Runners finish, the fun continues with a dance session, where music is played and colour is thrown, resulting in millions of different colour combinations!! 

Watch to get a better feel for what a colour run is all about!

This event is all about promoting community and fitness in a fun environment, whilst raising money for our amazing school at the same time. All sponsorship is processed online, meaning your friends and family who live far away can also sponsor you

What to bring

  • A white T-shirt **Please note the colour will probably not wash out, so if you don’t have an old shirt to wear, you can purchase one for $2.50 at Kmart, or slightly more from Target, Best & Less or similar. 
  • A water bottle and towel per student (labeled with names please)
  • As many spectators and volunteers as possible!

Safety & Allergy Advice

The colour is made of food grade corn starch and non-toxic food colouring. In controlled testing it has been found non-hazardous while getting in contact with skin, eyes and inhalation. Slight irritation has been previously noted if inhaled, mainly by those with asthma or breathing difficulties. Precautions are taken as below for these students; however participation is at parent/students own prerogative. 

  • Colour will be thrown only by adults, at set ‘colour stations’ around the course and will be aimed below head-height
  • There will be ‘bypass points’ at each colour station so anyone not wanting to be sprayed can use these to avoid direct contact with the colour.
  • Those with allergies or asthma concerns are invited to wear a brightly coloured t-shirt so they stand out in the sea of white. Colour throwers and students are advised to avoid colour contact with these students. These students will need to take the bypass course as we cannot ensure they won’t get colour on them if they run through a colour station.
  • Those concerned about inhalation (even from a distance at the bypass points) can wear a light cotton bandana or cloth over their nose and mouth. Alternatively they can carry a handkerchief and cover their nose and mouth briefly as they run near the colour points. 
  • As the powder contains some food colouring, it can temporarily stain light coloured/blonde hair. If you are concerned about this, either cover the hair fully with a hat, or rub coconut oil through the exposed hair, which will prevent the colour from absorbing and allow it to be rinsed out with warm water.

Help needed

This event is not possible without parent help. We would love to have as many people as possible there on the day to cheer the kids on! Also if you can assist before or on the day to make it extra fun for the kids, please contact Helen O’Leary from the P&C on 0413 779 916 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All in all, the Colour Run should be a fun, safe and memorable event for everyone involved! 

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