On Wednesday 1 November, Mrs Rees and Mrs Whitehead and their talented team of helpers constructed our amazing musical and bush tucker gardens.  It was fabulous to see so many parents also helping out, especially several Dads. Congratulations and thanks must go to...

·         The students in Year 1 and their older buddy classes in Year 4 & 5 for their participation and behaviour

·         All parent helpers

·         The staff from Year 1 and their buddy classes

·         All families who donated materials towards the project

Other classes have also played a role to prepare the site and some will be contributing paver and rock art in the coming weeks, making this project a big team effort!

Here are some recounts from the experience from our Year 5 students who assisted our Year 1’s.


“My station was the button station. My responsibility was to hold the wire while the PP’s and Year 1’s threaded buttons of all shapes and sizes. The end result was a colourful array of buttons. Overall it was a great experience.”    


“Our class was specifically chosen to help because our buddy class is the year ones and we are quite reliable. I took part in helping make the ‘Musical Garden’ sign. We had to place pebbles in glue similar to a mosaic. The musical garden can be found between the oval and the Year 1 area. It is made out of recycled parts and coloured wooden pallets.”


“My job was to help the little Year 1’s to draw and write on rocks. It was enjoyable because I got to organise the rocks and help spell ‘Humanity, Respect, Possibilities and Belonging’.”


“I was very excited when I heard we were making a musical garden. We all worked hard to make the rock drawing, spray painting, wooden pallets, threading bottle tops and most importantly laying out the stepping stones. Thanks to our parent helpers and teachers heping it made things a lot easier. An enjoyable time for most of our talented students. Our musical garden is now shining in the sun looking great for many years to come.”


“My job was to assist the Year 1’s with the pebbles. Helping was a great experience for me and probably the rest of Room 19 and Room 8 as well. It gave us the chance to be more social with younger students, as well as the chance to create something awesome!”


“I helped out in the bush tucker garden, located in the middle of the bitumen. Here we collected sticks and bark to make protection for the new bush tucker plants. My group also placed stepping stones. I’m sure this was a fun experience for everyone.”


“It was so cool to see the Year Ones put so much effort in and really try. It looked like they were having so much fun. I really enjoyed guiding the Year Ones and seeing all the other activities. We all had so much fun.”

Mrs Rees and the Year 5s constructing the musical garden a


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