Approximately 40 Year 1 parents attended an introductory information session about the proposed 2018 Year 2 Bring Your Own Device (iPad) trial.  Bring Your Own Device mean families are requested to supply an iPad for their own child.  The iPad does not need to be new, it just needs to be an iPad 2 or better.

Some of the benefits outlined included:

  1. Students become familiar and comfortable using their own technology so they can focus on actually learning rather than learning how to use the device. 
  2. With BYOD students can potentially continue learning outside of schools hours.
  3. Provides greater access for purposeful use, they are able to use it as and when they need it and are not restricted by timetables and sharing.  This better reflects the use of technology in society.
  4. It provides learning opportunities and experiences that can not be achieved without technology

A state trial conducted in 2012/13 and experience of other schools since then has established the following critical factors for success.

  • Start small and grow over time, which is why we are starting with one year group.
  • Provide staff with the chosen device and establish processes for selecting and managing apps, which we have done.
  • Focus on teachers, not the device, and use the SAMR model to target authentic learning.  When families provide the devices it allows schools to provide the resources and training for teachers to maximise student learning.

In Term 4, once parents have had a chance to consider this proposed trial, parent participation will be gauged. If the majority of parents (over 85%) are happy to engage in the trial, it will go ahead across all Year 2 classes in 2018.

For more information or to view the presentation from the information session, click BYOD Presentation to Year 1 Parents 2017.

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