Classroom Stationery Requirement lists for 2018 have now been released. You will have received a hard copy of your child's 2018 stationery requirements list in your child's schoolbag. These lists can also be accessed online.

On Wednesday 1 November, Mrs Rees and Mrs Whitehead and their talented team of helpers constructed our amazing musical and bush tucker gardens.  It was fabulous to see so many parents also helping out, especially several Dads. Congratulations and thanks must go to...

Wow, what an amazing performance from our Junior Choir at Telethon last Sunday, and what a wonderful experience for them!  Our students, parents and staff had a very early start on Sunday, arriving at school at 6.15am to travel to the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre, the ‘home’ of Telethon.  

Approximately 40 Year 1 parents attended an introductory information session about the proposed 2018 Year 2 Bring Your Own Device (iPad) trial.  Bring Your Own Device mean families are requested to supply an iPad for their own child.  The iPad does not need to be new, it just needs to be an iPad 2 or better.

Some of the benefits outlined included:

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