Swimming Lessons Year 5&6

We are pleased to provide you with the following details regarding our swimming and water safety lessons for Year 5 & 6's at Sorrento Beach over 2 weeks - from Monday 25th November to Friday 6th December (10-day series). All students are strongly encouraged to take part and to learn to swim. This is vital in our Australian culture as it allows students to participate in a wide range of activities and sports as they grow older 

While the lessons are provided free of charge to students, there is a cost for bus hire for each session.  The cost of Interm Beach Swimming is $25.00 – for bus hire over the 10 days. 

Travel will be by Buswest bus hire. Sixty students will attend each session. Students will be servised on the bus by classroom teachers and taught at the beach by Education Department trained swimming instructors. The school staff will maintain a high level of supervision and provide support to swimming staff during lesson times. A timetable outlining travel and session times is on the slip attached.  Remember bus times are approximate. 

Students will undertake activities at the beach to develop the skills and abilities required to move through the stages of the Education Department Water and Swimming Safety continuum. If you need to make contact during the day please phone the school on 9416 9800. 

It is important that your child’s Health Care Summary is up to date.  These can be updated at the school office.  If the proposed excursion poses any additional health risks to those identified in the Student Health Care Summary, e.g. if your child suffers from anaphylaxis there may be risks associated with the provision of meals and storage of an adrenaline auto injector at the appropriate temperature. Please outline additional health risks on the permission slips attached. 

Start Date and Time 03-12-2019
End Date and Time 07-12-2069
Cost $25.00
Location Sorrento Beach
Permission Form and Downloads Swimming Permission Beach Yr 5 6 2019.pdf

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