EdGym Program first day PP-Year 5

From today, students from PP- Yr5 will be participating in EdGym’s Movement Literacy Program. 

These lessons are part of the school curriculum and all students are expected to participate. The program incorporates Physical Education and Health outcomes for students.  Incorporating EdGym as part our Health & Phys Ed program creates an atmosphere of excitement, engagement and eagerness to learn, while at the same time improving confidence, focus and engagement to assist in all areas of the student’s development.

Lessons will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Term 2, commencing Week Two Tuesday 7th May.  A more detailed timetable will be distributed towards the end of this term.

Students will participate in 6  x 30min EdGym sessions and 1 x Gymbus Session (to conclude the program) at a cost of $35 per student. Payment can be made by

1) Direct Debit into the school bank account BSB 016 334 Account number 340869212 Ref: students name 

2) EFTPOS at the school office

3) Cash or cheque to the teacher

 EdGym Timetable 2019 Term 2  


Tuesday Weeks 2-8 

9:00am  to 9:30am Yr 5 Rm 19

9:40am to 10:10am Yr 4 Rm 7

10:30am to 11:00am  Yr 3 Rm 14


11:20am to 11:50am PP1

11:50am to 12:20pm PP2   


1:10pm to 1:40pm Yr 4 Rm 8

1:50pm to 2:20pm Yr 5 Rm 20 

2:20pm to 2:50pm Yr 2 Rm 6 

Thursday  Weeks 2-8 

9:00am to 9:35am Yr 1 Rm 5   

9:40am to 10:15am Yr 1 Rm 2

10:20am to 10:55am Yr 1/2 Rm 3   


11:20am to 12:00pm PP3

11:50am to 12:20pm Yr 2 Rm 1


1:10pm to 1:40pm Yr 5 Rm 17

1:50pm to 2:20pm Yr 3 Rm 12

2:20pm to 2:50pm Yr 3 Rm 13 


Start Date and Time 07-05-2019 8:50 am
Cost $35.00
Location Undercover Area

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