The following students make up our 2018 Student Leadership, and include our 2018 School Councillors, Choir Captions, Faction Captains and Vice Captains. 

Head Girl          Nia Steenekamp         Head Boy       Nate Gambrill
Students Councillors
Year 6               Kian Abdolmaleki, Karis Trolove, Brady Foster, Amber Ranford.
Year 5               Ffreuer Rees
Year 4/5            Zainab Hashmi
Year 4              Toveesha Hosseini, Thomas Houlihan
Choir Captains    Jessica Freame, Harrison O’Neill 

Faction Captains and Vice-captains
Tuart       Captains            Noa Henriksen , Sally Duffy,                   Vice-captain. Bailey Wallwork
Hakea     Captains            Eddie Haslam, Hannah Forbes,              Vice-captain. Ruby Lang
Jarrah      Captains           Huxley Taylor, Georgina Bardsley           Vice-captain. Lachlan Daffen
Banksia   Captains           Samara Dawkins, Jake Hollemans,         Vice-captain. Jack Macleod
The school community congratulates all the students that nominated for these positions and the students above on their selection.


Our Head Boy, Head Girl and Student Councillors

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Our Faction Captains

Faction captains and vice captains 2018


Our Choir Captains for 2018

Choir captains 2018


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