The following students make up our 2020 Student Leadership, and include our 2020 School Councillors, Choir Captions, Faction Captains and Vice Captains. 

2020 Head Boy and Head Girl

Megan Johnson (Head Girl) & Toby Wagenaar (Head Boy)

 2020 head boy and girl

Our Principal Gavin Power with our head boy Toby Wagenaar and head girl Megan Johnson


2020 Student Councillors


Year 6      Jestine Lewis, Benjamin van Rooyen, Zara Burt, Tom Houlihan

Year 5      Ava Wynyard-Thompson, Maddison Bourne, Cooper Leech

Year 4      Jude Sharp, Charlotte Davison


Student councillors 2020

Above 2020 Student Councillors (From left to right) Toby Wagenaar (Head Boy), Megan Johnson (Head Girl), Jude Sharp (Year 4), Benji van Rooyen (Year 6), Cooper Leech (Year 5) Zara Burt (Year 6) Ava Wynyard-Thompson (Year 5) Maddison Bourne (Year 5) Jestine Lewis (Year 6)   Absent: Thomas Houlihan Year 6, Charlotte Davison Year 4


Choir Captains       

Ziggy Walton and Sebastian Lyttle (Captains), Lucia Gullotti (Vice Captain)

 Choir captains 2020

Above 2020 Choir Captains (from left to right) Lucia Gullotti Year 6 (Vice Captain), Sebastian Lyttle (Captain), Ziggy Walton (Captain)


Faction Captains 

Hakea             Tom Cameron and Munira Klous (Captains)              Japhlet Sunder (Vice Captain)
Tuart               Bailee Harris and Michael Twomey (Captains)         Sofia Petrovic (Vice Captain)
Banksia          Audrey Minaee and Cassius Hart (Captains)             Rebecca Snow (Vice Captain)
Jarrah             Heath Mellody and Olivia Freame (Captains)           Shannon  Wenninger (Vice Captain)

Faction captains 2020

From left to right Sofia Petrovic, Michael Twomey, Japhlet Sunder, Munira Klous, Tom Cameron, Cassius Hart, Audrey Minaee, Rebecca Snow, Heath Melody, Olivia Freame, Shannon Wenninger. Absent: Bailee Harris


The school community congratulates all the students who nominated for these positions and the students above on their selection.



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