The following students make up our 2019 Student Leadership, and include our 2019 School Councillors, Choir Captions, Faction Captains and Vice Captains. 

Head Girl          Gabrielle Maxton        Head Boy       Tyler Willson

Head boy girl Gavin close up

Our Principal Gavin Power with our head boy and head girl. 

Students Councillors

Year 6              Sahar Samim, Jack Coutinho,  Aaron Speck, Zainab Hashmi 
Year 5              Jasper de Ruyter;  Ziggy Walton
Year 4              Molly Phegan, Tom Haslam

 Student Leadership 2019

Choir Captains    Elle Miles, Cooper Sabine

Choir Captains 2019

Faction Captains and Vice-captains

Tuart:    Captains: Elena Bertoldo and Peter Twomey,  Vice Captain: Leon Crosbie

Hakea   Captains: Ffreuer Rees and Jake McInnes, Vice Captain: Tara Hurst

Jarrah   Captains: Bethany Rix and Hayden Daffen, Vice Captain: James Broadfoot

Banksia  Captains: Jaime Botfield and Spencer Boekeman, Vice Captain Shubi Das

Faction Captains 2019 2

Above: Our 2019 Faction Captains
The school community congratulates all the students that nominated for these positions and the students above on their selection.



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