The following students make up our 2021 Student Leadership, and include our 2021 School Councillors, Choir Captions, Faction Captains and Vice Captains. 

2021 Head Boy and Head Girl

Maddison Bourne (Head Girl) & Harvey Wishart (Head Boy) 

2021 Student Councillors

Year 6      Ava Wynyard-Thompson, Leslie Kong & Molly Fleming

Year 5      Akain Wijayathunga & Dave Das

Year 4      Ava Hoskins, Parker Rees & Phoenix Moore

Choir Captains       

Charlotte Hepple & Caylan Richards

Faction Captains 

Hakea        Riley Houlihan & Daisy Linguard  (Captains)   Daniel Hart (Vice Captain)
Tuart          Emerson Voigt & Ivy Ilott-Delarve (Captains)  Alec Dhital (Vice Captain)
Banksia      Eli Sterpini & Lani Hackworthy (Captains)  Wesley De Jonghe (Vice Captain)
Jarrah        Micah Turner & Matilda Hill (Captains)  Isla Murray (Vice Captain)

The school community congratulates all the students who nominated for these positions and the students above on their selection.



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