Class Representatives are parents, who are nominated by themselves or other parents in their class at the start of the year, to represent their class in the school setting. They act as the liaison between the parents, class teacher, Principal and Parents & Citizens Group (P&C).

The role of Class Representative is not onerous and can be shared with another parent. 

The role of the class is to: 

  • compile a parent contact list for their class at the start of the year to distribute to the teacher and parents in that class 
  • disribute messages from the teacher to the parents
  • represent their class at class representative meetings, which are held once a term with the Principal
  • table any views/information or concerns held by parents in their class to the group
  • email out the minutes of these meetings to parents (compiled by the Class Representative P&C Liaison Officer)
  • represent their parent group at P&C Meetings and distributing relevant points back to their class from the minutes
  • organise any class social functions or class play dates in conjunction with other parents in the class 
  • welcome any new parents to the class and give them the option to be on the parent contact list
  • communicate the need for volunteers at for whole school activities and fundraisers

More details on the role of the class representative is available here.

Whilst not onerous, the Class Rep role is an important one in ensuring both parents and the school administration stay up-to-date with developments, issues, changes and news around the school. It is also an ideal forum for the Principal to gather parent feedback.

2017 Class Representatives

Please find below the current list of Class Representatives for 2017.

Year/Room Teacher(s); Class Rep(s)
Kindy A Fleur Wallwork Daile Pepper
Kindy B Belinda Brady

Rachna Desai
Asha Day

Kindy CPP1 Jessica Hunt Lisa Larsen
Jono Parker
PP2 Dee Kitson Rachna Desai
Chris Grubb
PP3 Wendy Murray Liz Lyttle
Bec Moore
Year 1
Rm 12
Robyn Blekkenhorst Suzanne Taylor
Year 1
Rm 13
Melissa Martyn Simona Sharp
Year 1
Rm 14
Jenny Russell Jo Davey
Cheryl Gambrill
Year 2
Rm 1
Esther Lane Meagan Nix
Year 2
Rm 2
Gemma Roberts Rachel Thompson
Julie Watson
Year 2
Rm 3
Anna Crockett Anna Robinson
Avanthi Fernando
Year 3
Rm 5
Lyon / Jones Daryl Freame
Year 3
Rm 7
Alexandra Collins Jay Bradley
Claire Burt
Year 4
Rm 8
Tegan Seddon Nicky Bailey
Year 4/5
Renee Guidice Christine Sardi
Year 6
Rm 18
Lisa Harris Amanda Rothman
Sam Wagenaar
Year 5/6
Rm 17
Sofia Delios Cally Davidson
Year 5
Rm 19
Julie Ricciardonen Sharon Trinder
Jenni Storey


2017 Class Representative Meeting Minutes

Please find below the minutes from this year's class representative meetings.

Term Meeting Date Meeting Minutes
Term 1  Friday 24th March Click here to view Term 1 minutes
Term 2  Wednesday 24th May Click here to view Term 2 minutes
Term 3  Friday 18th August Click here to view Term 3 minutes
Term 4  Friday 24th November  

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