My child has lost something at school. What happens to lost property and how can I minimise the chances of this happening again?

We understand how frustrating it is when you child loses something at school. The school does what it can to ensure that lost property is returned to its owner.

For your information, the current lost property process is:

  • Lost property is put in the lost property tub in the front office.
  • If it is found in the Kindy area, it is returned to the lost property tub located in the Kindy area. 
  • Every Monday, student representatives from Room 19 (Semester One 2018) and Room 20 (Semester  Two 2018) bring the lost property to the library.
  • It is sorted and anything which is named is returned to the students.
  • Any non clothing items (eg. water bottles, lunch boxes) are displayed in the library for 2 weeks and then donated to charity.
  • Any clothing items which are not named are given to the uniform shop. When a lost item is received by the uniform shop, it is held onto for 7 days before being put in the second hand bin to on sell.

Please remember, given that uniform items look the same it can be very easy for a child to mistake an item as their own and mistakes happen.

There are a number of ways you can increase your chances of having a lost item returned to you.

  • Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on their property. Put your name not only on the label of the item, but also somewhere inside the clothing. Iron on labels work well for this.
  • Please reiterate to your child to take care of their possessions and check that an item is theirs when they pick it up.
  • If you find an item that doesn’t belong to your child in your child’s school bag, please return it promptly to the classroom teacher, the student who has lost it (if you know the student) or into the lost property tub in the office.

The safety of your children is our absolute priority. An unsafe journey to and from school is something no-one wants for our children. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the attached Traffic Bulletin, which outlines designated parking areas, traffic flow during peak times and guidelines for the Kiss and Drop Zone. 

Woodlands Traffic Bulletin PDF

There are three times allocated for eating at Woodlands Primary School.

Recess 11am - 11.20am

Lunch 12 noon - 12.40pm

Crunch & sip - 2pm – 2.10pm

No nuts

Due to some students having life threatening nut allergies, Woodlands Primary School has a No Nut policy. Please DO NOT send nuts in your child’s lunchbox, as children may be tempted to swap food. This includes peanut butter, museli bars with nuts or confectionary with nuts. Sometimes even touching nuts, or eating a food that has touched nuts, can cause a serious reaction in some students. 

Crunch and Sip

Woodlands Primary School currently schedule a set break at 2pm every day to eat salad, vegetables, fruit and to drink water. Giving students the chance to re-fuel with fruit or vegetables helps to improve the physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom as well as promoting long term health. More details can be found here.

Water only

Cordial and juice is not allowed in water bottles. Please fill your child’s water bottle with fresh water only. 

‘Nude food’ days

As part of Woodlands Sustainability Program, Tuesdays and Thursdays are nude food days. To reduce waste, these days are allocated to ‘nude food’ which means no wrappers, plastic or single use packaging in lunchboxes. Each nude food day teachers count the number of wrappers in lunchboxes for a classroom tally to compare with other classes.

Your child should ideally have the following contents in their bag

  • Hat
  • Lunchbox with recess, lunch and fruit and vegetables for crunch and sip
  • Water bottle
  • Jumper in cold weather
  • Spare clothes
  • Library bag with books on library days

Please note: Any medication e.g. ventolin, should NOT be included in a child’s bag. Medication should be dropped at the front office or handed to the teacher with detailed instructions on administration requirements, as well as written permission to administer the medication. An updated health care summary form will have to be completed, these can be obtained at the front office.

It is useful to check your child’s bag at the end of every day to ensure that any notes/permission slips or information sent home by your classroom teacher is received.

There are a number of ways you can pay for the various school fees including voluntary contributions, excursions, incursions and online learning programs like mathletics and reading eggs!

Direct Debit via your bank account

You can make a payment to the school by making a direct transfer of funds from your bank account into the schools bank account.  

Our school account details are

Account name: Woodlands Primary School 
BSB: 016 334  
Account number: 340 869 212

By EFTPOS at the front office

You can make a payment by coming into the front office with your credit/debit card.  

BY CASH to your classroom teacher

Bring your cash to school in an envelope for your child’s teacher clearly marked with your child’s name, classroom, amount and the event/purpose for the enclosed money. Don’t forget to also include the completed permission form/slip if required. With a few exceptions, cash payments need to go to the child’s teacher so payment and permission can be recorded in the class money book and NOT directly to the office. 


Even if you pay online or at the office, if there is a permission form or payment slip attached to the event/item, this still needs to be completed and returned to your class teacher, so they can record you have paid for the event and that your child has permission to attend.


Did you know, when you pay by direct debit online, EFTPOS at the office or by cash, you can ‘bundle’ your payments for one or several events and/or children? For example…

  • You can pay for an outstanding excursion, mathletics, plus the schools voluntary contribution all in one amount
  • If you have more than one child, you can pay for all your children’s contributions, plus an excursion fee relating to a specific child, all in the one transaction.

Just make sure you put the student’s surname and initials in the reference if paying online.


Click here for the 2018 Woodlands PS Contributions and Charges

The school canteen is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There are a couple of ways students can order their lunch.

Online Ordering

Recess and lunch can be ordered online via

Orders can be made up to six weeks in advance to take the stress out of busy mornings. To download the Canteen Online information pamphlet click here. If you have any queries on how to use the system, please feel free to ask Yvette at the Canteen or email the Canteen Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ordering at school

All orders should be clearly written on a brown paper or Canteen Lunch Bag and placed into the Canteen Orders bucket outside the canteen before 8.50am. Canteen Lunch Bags are available from the canteen and sold in packs of 10 for 50c. Please ensure all bags clearly list your child’s full name, classroom number, lunch order details. Correct money should be enclosed and the bag folded to ensure the money doesn’t fall out. A separate bag is required for each child

For a canteen menu and more information about the canteen, please go to the following link on our website

The following times are kept at Woodlands Primary School

8.30am Classroom doors open

8.50am School starts

11am – 11.20am Recess

12.20pm – 1.05pm Lunch

2pm – 2.10pm Crunch and Sip

3.10pm School finishes.

Please note the following rules apply in relation to school hours

Students dropped at school between 8am and 8.30am are required to sit on the benches outside the school office. 

Students are not allowed to stay on school premises after 3.10pm unless supervised by an adult.

If a child is late for school, they MUST check in at the office to obtain a late note, which they then give to the teacher. 

Please see the link ‘Before and After School’ Processes for more information.

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