Before and After School Processes

Principal Directives

At Woodlands Primary School, the safety of ALL of our students when they are on school grounds is a priority. I also greatly value and identify with our sense of community. By adhering to the processes below, we will be able to maintain an environment that fosters these very important aspects of our school.



  • Students are asked not to arrive to school prior to 8:30am on school days unless supervised by parents or attending supervised coaching on school grounds. Supervision cannot be guaranteed prior to this time
  • At 8:30am students are to go straight to classrooms to prepare for the school day. This means they need to hang their bag on a hook, go in to class and get ready.
  • After students are ready for class, they may choose to play on the basketball courts ONLY
  • A bell will sound at 8:45am and students should begin to head back to class so that the school day can start promptly at 8:50am when the siren sounds. From 8:45am no students will be permitted to play ball games etc.



Students will not be supervised after 3:20pm, which means

  1. that parents need to collect their children by this time, or
  2. students need to have left the school premises to go home, or
  3. students need to be under the direct supervision of a parent or coach.

The school cannot accept responsibility for students remaining on school premises after 3:20pm.

Students who remain on school grounds after being collected by parents are the responsibility of the parents. We require that the use of school playgrounds is conducted in accordance with our school rules and in a respectful manner with areas left clean and tidy.

  • Students are to wear shoes at all times when playing within the school grounds.
  • Students are not permitted to use school sport equipment after school.
  • Students who leave school grounds should not return later to use the school playgrounds or areas unless under the direct supervision of a parent or coach.
  • Students who participate in after-school sport or training on school grounds are the responsibility of the parents and who they delegate duty of care to, which may be the coach.


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Our Values


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