Contribution and Charges Breakdown for 2022

Under the provisions of the Education Act 1999, it is a requirement of schools and School Boards to indicate to parents all likely educational expenditures for the coming year.  School contributions and charges are comprised of three elements:  Voluntary Contributions, School Charges and Items for Personal Use.


The Woodlands Primary School Voluntary Contribution is $60.00 per child. 


SCHOOL CHARGES are the accumulated cost of your child participating in activities and events as they arise.  This is not an upfront payment, rather an indication to you of the maximum possible amount you may anticipate being charged.  You will only incur these charges if and when you child participates in the activities. A variety of payment options will be offered at the beginning of next year. Click on the link below for a schedule of Charges for each year level. The figures listed are an estimation of the maximum possible cost based largely on amounts paid by parents and receipted by the school over the last few years.


Making Payments to the School 

There are a three ways you can pay for the various school fees including voluntary contributions, excursions, incursions and online learning programs like mathletics and reading eggs!

1. Direct Debit via your bank account 

** Please note that from September 2021 we have new bank account details as follows**

You can make a payment to the school by making a direct transfer of funds from your bank account into the school's bank account.  

Our school's account details are:

Account Name: Woodlands Primary School
BSB: 066 040
Account Number: 19904445

Please place your child's surname and initials in the reference. 


2. By EFTPOS at the front office

You can make a payment by coming into the front office with your credit/debit card.  


3. By CASH to your classroom teacher

Bring your cash to school in an envelope for your child’s teacher clearly marked with your child’s name, classroom, amount and the event/purpose for the enclosed money. Don’t forget to also include the completed permission form/slip if required. With a few exceptions, cash payments need to go to the child’s teacher so payment and permission can be recorded in the class money book and NOT directly to the office. 


Even if you pay online or at the office, if there is a permission form or payment slip attached to the event/item, this still needs to be completed and returned to your class teacher, so they can record you have paid for the event and that your child has permission to attend.

Did You Know?

When you pay by direct debit online, EFTPOS at the office or by cash, you can ‘bundle’ your payments for one or several events and/or children? For example…

  • You can pay for an outstanding excursion, mathletics, plus the schools voluntary contribution all in one amount.
  • If you have more than one child, you can pay for all your children’s contributions, plus an excursion fee relating to a specific child, all in the one transaction.

Just make sure you put the student’s surname and initials in the reference if paying online. 

Making Payments to the P&C

There are also three ways you can make payments to the Woodlands Primary School P&C.


1. Direct Debit via your bank account

You can make a payment to the P&C by making a direct transfer of funds from your bank account into the P&C's bank account.

The P&C's account details are:

Account Name: Woodlands Primary P&C
BSB: 016334
Account Number: 340959357

Please place your eldest child’s full name as a reference


2. By EFTPOS at the front office

The front office can also accept credit/debit card payments for the P&C. 


3. BY CASH to the locked P&C cupboard in the office.

Place an envelope with the correct money and the following information on it, into the locked P&C cupboard in the office. 

  • The event/purpose for the money enclosed e.g. Uniform Shop, Voluntary Contribution, Bogan Bingo
  • Your name and contact details
  • Your children's names and years


The Woodlands Primary School P&C voluntary contribution is $75 per child or $150 per family,. The P&C Voluntary Contribution is one of the major ways the P&C raises funds to purchase items for our children. Some of the items the P&C has funded in the past are the resurfacing of the courts, the ropes playground, new English reading resources, new Science equipment like Beebots and Edison Robots, the School Mosaic and Orchard.

We thank you in advance for your contribution.



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