Woodlands Primary School has a diverse team of dedicated staff, committed to meeting the learning needs of primary school aged students across a wide range of Australian Curriculum areas.

The school has a positive environment that attracts a range of staff from outstanding new graduates through to excellent teachers with many years of experience. These committed teachers provide education across a range of programs including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Art, Music and Physical Education. Individual differences are provided for through an inclusive approach that caters for children with a variety of backgrounds and learning needs including Students at Educational Risk (SAER).

Please click here for a current list of staff at Woodlands Primary School.


Our Pre-Primary staff

 Pre Primary Staff 2018

Above from left to right - Miss Dee Kitson PP2 teacher, Mrs Wendy Murray PP3 teacher, Mrs Pam Clarke Education Assistant, Miss Jessica Hunt Kindy K/PP1 teacher and Mr Reuben Garabedian Education Assistant 


Our Year 1 teachers

Year 1 teachers 2018

Above from left to right - Miss Melissa Martyn Room 2, Mrs Jenny Russell Room 5 and Miss Esther Lane Year 1/2 Room 1


Our Year 2 teachers

Miss Collins Miss Younger and Miss Lane Year 2 teachers 2018

Above from left to right - Miss Ali Collins Room 6, Miss Hannah Younger Room 3 and Miss Esther Lane Room 1, Years 1/2. 


Our Year 3 teachers

Year 2 teachers 2018

Above from left to right - Mrs Robyn Blekkenhorst Room 12, Mrs Sue Nicoloff Room 14, Mrs Danielle Rees Room 12, Ms Dianna Pacaric Room 13, Mr Courtney Jones Room 14


Our Year 4 and 5 teachers

 Year 4 5 teachers 2018

 Above from left to right - Miss Tegan Seddon Year 4 Room 8, Mr Damien Harbison Year 5 Room 19, Ms Erin-Jane Davey Year 4/5 Room 20 and Miss Renee Giudice Year 4 Room 7. 


Our Year 6 teachers

Mr Drayton and Mrs Ricciardone Year 6 teachers 2018

Above from left to right - Mr Marc Drayton Room 18 and Mrs Julie Ricciardone Room 17


Specialist Teachers 

Specialist teachers 2018

Above from left to right - Mrs Lynette Martin Specialist Science Teacher, Mr Courtney Jones Physical Education and Japanese Teacher, Mrs Heather Whitehead Sustainability Teacher, Mrs Nicky Zissiadis Specialist Art Teacher and Mrs Danielle Rees Specialist Music Teacher.

Library staff

Mrs Neumann and Mrs Whitehead Library

Above from left to right - Mrs Maria Neumann Library Officer and Mrs Heather Whitehead Resource Offficer and Sustainability Teacher 

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Our Values

Our Values


The Woodlandians live in and around our school and proudly represent our values.