Woodlands Primary School provides a dynamic and varied learning environment. It offers a diverse and engaging curriculum including specialist programs in Science, Music, Sustainability, Visual Art and Physical Education.

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Our Pre-Primary to Year 6 Science program is run by our Science Specialist, Mrs Lynette Martin. Hands-on-authentic Science lessons provide our students with ways to explore and gain a greater understanding of the world.  Science by doing also encourages students’ natural curiosity and willingness to explore. It inspires problem solving and questioning about their world.

Our Science Lab enables students to access materials and equipment required for Science inquiry. The Western Australian Science Curriculum develops our students’ Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour. 

Each term, our students develop their Science Inquiry Skills by investigating different scientific concepts in a Science Understanding sub-strand of Biological Science, Chemical Science, Physical Science or Earth and Space Science. 

As our students are exploring Science concepts, they complete investigations enabling them to develop their Science Inquiry Skills including:

  • Questioning and Predicting
  • Planning and Conducting
  • Processing and Analysing Data and Information
  • Evaluating
  • Communicating

We plan for effective student learning by incorporating Kagan cooperative learning teams where students have specific roles encouraging them to work cooperatively. Students have both academic goals and social goals and are asked to reflect on their learning in Science making them responsible for their own learning. 

Science Sub-Strand for Term 1, 2019 

In Science, this term, PP-Year 5 are learning about Chemical Sciences The Science Understandings we are investigating are: 


Objects are made of materials that have observable properties

Year 1 

Everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways

 Year 2

Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose

 Year 3

A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat

 Year 4

Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties that can influence their use

 Year 5

Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways

 Year 6

 This year we have been chosen to participate in the 2019 Synergy Schools Solar Challenge so the Year 6s will be learning how electrical energy can be transferred and transformed in electrical circuits and can be generated from a range of sources in the Sub-Strand of Physical Sciences.

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Our specialist music teacher, Mrs Danielle Rees, teaches singing, theory, percussion, movement, ukulele and recorder appropriate to the year level from Year 1 to Year 6. Our school is at the forefront of integrating digital technology into our music program.

Woodlands Primary School is part of the Department of Education’s ‘Specialist in Instrumental Music’ (SIMS) Program. Special instrumental programmes are available for selected students in music. Students are chosen based on a set criterion, which includes a music aptitude test. 

Instruments include:

Clarinet / Trumpet intake from Year 5

Violin and Viola intake from Year 3 and another viola intake in Year 4

Cello intake from Year 4

Woodlands Primary School engages an Ensemble Music Specialist, who conducts a string ensemble class one morning per week.

A senior choir is run for students in Year 5 and 6. Students practise and prepare for performances both at school and at various concerts including the Western Australian Government Schools Music Society Make Music Concert at Crown Theatre, the Massed Choir Festival, the Children Sing Festival, performances at aged care facilities, ANZAC ceremonies and assemblies.

Junior choir rehearsals are run before school for students in Years 3 and 4. The purpose of the junior choir is to identify and develop students who have an interest in singing and performance.

For the 2019 Instrumental, Senior and Junior Choir timetable please click here. 

If you have any queries about our music program please contact music teacher Danielle Rees.

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Woodlands Primary has a strong focus on living sustainably and all students are included in lessons on sustainable practises. Each class at the school reuses and recycles paper, puts their fruit and vegetable scraps into a bucket for the three worm farms and contributes to reducing waste at the school. Our school is a collection point for batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and oral hygiene products. 

At least twice a week all students and staff are encouraged to bring waste free recesses and lunches (nude food) to school and to identify ways to reduce single-use plastic. Nude food days are currently Tuesdays and Thursdays where a tally is taken in each class.

The school has a large vegetable garden, with each class being responsible for planting, harvesting and eating fresh, organic produce; with excess being sold at fortnightly assemblies. The garden is attached to the outdoor classroom (shared with Science) and several compost bins are located in this area for green waste and shredded paper. Compost, worm wizz and vermicast is used on the garden beds to promote growth. Students often visit the garden during recess and lunchtimes and regularly make use of it during Science and Sustainability lessons with the specialist teachers. 

An excursion for students and parents to Tamala Park Resource Recovery Centre is arranged for a whole year level each year. Incursions from Wastewise, Waterwise and Keep Australia Beautiful representatives are arranged regularly. Woodlands PS is a "Water Wise", "Waste Wise", "Sun Smart" and a "Crunch and Sip" school. We also support Walk/Ride to School days.


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Visual Art

Woodlands Visual Art program is diverse for students, incorporating their own personal world and other worlds around them. It encourages all students to engage, inspire and enrich their own learning, along with exciting their imagination and reaching their creative and expressive potential.

At Woodlands, Visual Art is reflected both indoors and outdoors with works created by students with visiting artists. These works are located in our undercover area, Music room, Mosaic murals on walls, paintings on classroom doors and Aboriginal inspired art around our garden areas.

Through the Artist in Residence programs, Sculptures by the Sea, Art Gallery and Festivals (Perth International Arts Festival, Awesome Arts), students are exposed to the skills and techniques of both local and international artists. This broadens their understanding and response to art and builds on the art culture across the school.

There is a Specialist Visual Art program beginning in Pre-Primary level. Though Making and Responding, which is based on the Australian Arts Curriculum, students develop their knowledge and skills to imagine and communicate as they develop artistic choices and critical and aesthetic understanding.

*Making - In Visual Arts involves creating individual and collaborative art works in response to ideas that emerge as they explore visual language evident in their own and others' social, cultural and technological worlds.

*Responding - In Visual Arts involves students inquiring conceptually and spatially as they learn the language, skills and techniques of visual arts. They apply this knowledge as they experiment with materials and methods to access and experience traditional and new technologies in the visual arts.

Making and Responding includes drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, clay and a variety of printing techniques. The Visual Art program allows for cross curriculum learning in many other learning areas. Student work is exhibited within the school and community.

We plan for co-operative learning working in groups and partners as well as our Positive Behaviour Expectations of Humanity, Belonging, Possibilities and Respect. These are all inclusive and reflected in Visual Art.

 Our Specialist Teachers for 2018

 Specialist teachers 2018

 Above from left to right - Mrs Lynette Martin Specialist Science Teacher, Mr Courtney Jones Physical Education and Japanese Teacher, Mrs Heather Whitehead Sustainability Teacher, Mrs Nicky Zissiadis Specialist Art Teacher and Mrs Danielle Rees Specialist Music Teacher

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