Woodlands Primary School is located on Bentwood Avenue in Woodlands. We currently have an enrolment of 467 students.

The school strives to offer the very best facilities and environment for its students and staff.

The school has a school library, purpose built science, art and music classrooms, cooking/wet areas and a multipurpose undercover area, where the school gathers for assemblies and other school events. Along with classrooms for its Year 1-6 students, the school houses specially designated early childhood classrooms and play areas for its Kindy and Pre-Primary students.

A hallmark of Woodlands Primary School is the number of mature trees, which provide a peaceful and shady surrounds for our students to learn and play in.  Outdoor features include the school community vegetable garden, school orchard, outdoor classroom, the recently resurfaced school oval, playground equipment and a newly resurfaced quadrangle area complete with netball and basketball courts. These areas help to incorporate the schools focus on sustainability across the schools learning areas and in everyday life.

The school grounds are maintained by staff gardeners. A school Grounds Committee made up of staff and parents meet regularly to prioritise projects and to identify areas needing review and maintenance. If you have any suggestions, requests or feedback for the Grounds Committee to consider, please click here to submit your suggestion. Please see below for a list of current and recently completed works.

The school strives to offer a safe and inspiring learning environment for all of its students.


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Grounds Committee 


List of Current and Completed works 2017 - 2018

Major Items for 2018

Priority order Major items Budgeted Cost Funding P&C Funding School Approved/ expense to be incurred
 1 Upgrade Kindy Play Area $20,000 $20,000   2018 Term 3
 2 Nature Play Area $9,000  $9,000   2018 Term 3
3 Upgrade of SE entrance quadrangle and wall - artist in residence mural $10,000 $10,000   2018 Term 3
4 Pine Bollards with 3 chain gates Lombardy St restricting vehicle access to oval and quad $6,000   $6,000 2018 Term 3&4

Completed Major items list 2017/2018

Completed major items Budgeted Cost Funding P&C Funding School Date Completed Actual Cost to WPS
Plexipave Quadrangle $43,685 43,685   Jan-2017 $43, 685
Pave walkway N-W entrance $1,450   $1,450 Jan-2017 $1,450
Bike shed enclosure fence, gates entry and exit paths $5,330   $5,330 Jan-2017 $5,330
Replacement of 4 Basketball backboards, hoops and metal nets $3,442 Donation from Woodlands Warriors $0   May-2017 $0
Bike enclosure concrete floor and entry/exit paths $6,350 $8921   Oct 2017 $8,921
Garden, landscaping & retic to transportable $3,000    $3,000 Mar 2018 $3,000
Brick paving to west end of Room 20 $1,500   $0 Jan 2018 $0
GarriFencing Kindy Playground  $9,730    $9,370 July 2018 $9,730

 Completed Minor items list

Completed minor items Budgeted Cost Funding P&C Funding School Date Completed Actual cost to WPS * denotes volunteer contribution
Paint Netball/Basketball posts $350     4/06/2017 *$169.63
Musical garden near Year 3 classrooms $250     1/03/2018 $250
Scooter cage relocated $0     1/02/2018 $0

Flag Poles relocated  $0*     07/07/2018 $0
Basketball Hoop nets $0*     28/07/2018 $0

 * Items denoted with an asterix indicate this item is a volunteer contribution.


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Our Values


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